Twitter made the Spaces feature available to all users of the platform on Thursday.

The option allows people to call each other in groups, similar to the very popular Clubhouse during the corona pandemic.

The function appeared at the end of 2020 for a select group of users, after which users with more than six hundred followers could create Spaces in May this year.

Now anyone can set up Spaces, regardless of the number of followers.

Spaces allows people to create a chat room, where users can then talk to each other.

People can listen in on the conversation, but only the person who created the room can determine who is speaking.

The rollout of the functionality has been delayed a bit.

Twitter originally planned to make the feature available as early as April of this year, but it didn't work out.

Due to the lengthy development process, Twitter has added more features to the option than was initially the case.

For example, a total of ten people can now speak and others can also be invited to help lead the conversation.