A woman in her 20s who abandoned her child three times immediately after giving birth was arrested and arrested by the police.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's Women and Youth Crime Investigation Unit and the Incheon Samsan Police Station announced that they arrested A, who was accused of abandoning and neglecting children, at an accommodation in Bupyeong-gu, Incheon around 8 pm on the 18th.

Mr. A is accused of abandoning three children to a daycare facility so far.

It was like giving birth to a child and leaving the child at the orphanage every time.

Even when he was a minor, he was given a protective order for abandoning his child, but earlier this year, the police were pursuing a 1-month-old child who abandoned him.

Person A reported to the police because of a quarrel with her lover, but was caught.

I had reported that I had been sexually assaulted by a man and then canceled the report.

The police conducted a background check on A before evacuating, but it was confirmed that an arrest warrant had been issued, and A was immediately arrested.

A was pregnant at the time of the arrest, but it has been confirmed that she has been living in a lodging facility without a fixed residence.

The police applied for an arrest warrant in the judgment that Mr. A's neglect and neglect of children was repeated, and an arrest warrant was issued last night.

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