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Vanessa San José Matilla

, from the Madrid restaurant

La Bistroteca

, has just been proclaimed the

best gourmet burger chef in Spain after winning the Burger Combat


This award has been granted during the celebration of the Gourmets Hall, which this year reaches its XXXIV edition.

Prepared on the fly and without prior preparation

, Vanessa San José's proposal is a tribute to the Island of La Palma.

His creation obtained the best score from the jury (3.9 out of a total of 4), which valued his creativity against that of rivals such as

Ismael Company Garcia

, from the Valencian chain

The Black Turtle


Fuensanta Hernández Tobar

, from

Los Secretos de la Alacena


Darío González

, from Gastroselva (Ávila),

Esteban Sedeño Rodríguez

, from


(La Laguna de Mijas, Málaga);

Given Lima

, from

Toro Burger


Vanessa San José during the contest.


In this event, San José and his opponents had to create a recipe in 30 minutes. For this they had

surprise ingredients that were not revealed until the last moment

. One of them was one of the three types of canarian mojo available. In addition, gourmet quality breads from Lantmännen Unibake, organizer and sponsor of the event, were provided.

The chef at La Bistroteca played her tricks and the result was a

perfectly fine



finely cut endive to add freshness, melted Asturian pitu cheese, crispy sautéed snow peas and spicy Canarian mojo


As for bread, San José opted for La Poderosa bread, an intense pink color as it is made with beets and black sesame seeds.

"I have used it as a tribute to La Palma because, with its color, it represented lava to me," explained the winner.

The winning Burger Combat brew.


Thanks to the title of Best Gourmet Burger Chef, Vanessa San José will become the

Face Burger Combat 2021


This award will last for nine months.

In addition, Vanesa San José will have a space on the sponsor's website.

And, next year, she

will be part of the jury of this event as an expert chef.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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