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today (21st), parking is prohibited on all roads in the child protection zone, as well as short stops.

Violation of this will result in a fine three times higher than on general roads.

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fine for illegal parking in child protection areas has increased up to three times higher than the fine for negligence on public roads.

Passenger cars are raised to 120,000 won and vans to 130,000 won.

However, despite the total ban, illegal parking in the child protection zone is still there.

On the road in front of the main gate of an elementary school in Busan, vehicles are parked under and around the no-parking zone sign.

All are illegal parking.

[Site Enforcement Police Officer: There is a lot of risk of an accident if the view is blocked by a parked vehicle like this. Please move to a safe section.]

Illegal parking does not block the front door of the school.

Residential areas within 300 meters of the school's main gate are also subject to crackdown throughout the day.

[On-site enforcement police officer: Because a 30m section is allowed on the right side and a 10m section is allowed on the back door… .]

Despite the complete ban on parking and parking, illegal parking on roads around the school zone did not change significantly.

[Sumi Moon/Parent: Illegal parking and signal violations must be strictly cracked down in the future to ensure the safety of children...


Meanwhile, large cities such as Seoul and Busan are also considering measures to secure insufficient parking space around schools.

(Video coverage: Park Dong-myung KNN, Video coverage: Lee Seung-yeol) 

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