You have been watching the scene where the 'Nuriho' launches several times now. Even here in Goheung, the evening is slowly approaching. As the original launch time was delayed from 4 to 5 o'clock, the sun is now setting, and we are waiting for the announcement of the final launch success while enjoying the slightly cooler air of the night sea of ​​Goheung. It seems that there are still many people gathered at the observatory right now, so let's check the situation with reporter Hong Seung-yeon. Reporter Hong Seung-yeon at the observatory, are you connected?

Tell us about the atmosphere of the place.


Yes, it is at the Goheung Space Launch Observatory.

When the news that the 'Nuriho' was successfully launched, cheers erupted here once again following the moment of launch.

Even after the Nuri disappeared from view, a considerable number of citizens did not leave their seats and waited for the result, and shared double joy at the news of the successful entry into orbit.

Many citizens have visited this observatory since early morning, which is 15km away from Oenarodo, where the Nuri launch pad is located.

As the launch had already been delayed by an hour, the citizens, who had been waiting and impatient, shouted a countdown together with 10 seconds left before the launch, and embraced each other with the exclamation that they had endured at the moment of the launch.

Fortunately, there was not much sea fog today (the 21st), so I could clearly see Lake Nuri soaring into the sky.

It is now full of children's laughter and excited voices, singing songs and enjoying the atmosphere of successful launch.

A large screen was also installed at the site, and it is reminiscent of a large cheering match by watching the launch scene again and singing a song.

In addition, tourists are rejoicing in the successful launch of the Nuri-ho as tourists come together in places where they can witness the launch, such as the nearby Namyeol Beach.

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