Attention is focused on how two crew members of a fishing boat capsized in the middle waters between Korea and Japan, 168 kilometers northeast of Dokdo, were rescued 38 hours after the accident and how they were able to survive more than a day in the open sea.

According to the Donghae Regional Maritime Police Agency, at around 7:21 am today (21st), the fishing boat 'No. 11th Jinho' (72 tons) capsized and rescued two Chinese sailors who were drifting near the sea.

They were discovered by a private fishing boat while drifting while holding a fishing net buoy in the sea about 4 km south of the capsized vessel.

They were not wearing life jackets at the time of discovery.

The Coast Guard believes that the survivors were not wearing life jackets, but were rescued after bright days thanks to battling the waves by catching a floating fishing net buoy.

The fact that the water temperature was not too low at 22 degrees Celsius when the ship capsized seemed to have helped them survive.

The rescued crew members were transported to Ulleung Medical Center and were in good health, except for hypothermia, the Coast Guard said.

The overturning accident of the hupo-shipped '11th Jinho' became known when a Japanese Coast Guard ship confirmed the accident on the high seas about 168 km northeast of Dokdo at 2:24 pm on the 20th and notified the East Sea Coast Guard.

A total of 9 including 6 foreigners including 4 Chinese and 2 Indonesians, and 3 Koreans including captain Mo (62, Pohang City), sailor Mo Kim (54, Mungyeong City) and Ahn Mo (65, Uljin County) people boarded.

Upon hearing the news of the accident, the Coast Guard rescued two Chinese survivors while conducting a search for the missing for the second day using ships, helicopters and private fishing boats.

A Chinese sailor said, "On the 19th, around 11 pm on the voyage, a big wave hit and the waves flowed in while gradually tilting to port, and the accident occurred. stated in

At the time of the accident, the crew did not even think of finding life jackets or life jackets when the boat suddenly tilted due to the large waves.

A Coast Guard official said, "Even if the rescued sailors caught the fishing net buoys, how they survived the raging waves will be known only through further investigations."

Captain Park, unfortunately, was found dead in the ship's wheelhouse. 

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