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1,441 new confirmed cases of Corona 19 a day yesterday (20th), and as of Wednesday, it fell below 1,500 in 14 weeks. The quarantine authorities plan to hold a public hearing next Monday on the implementation plan for the phased recovery of daily life, which is expected to be implemented next month.

Reporter Jang Se-man reports.


Among the 1,441 confirmed cases yesterday, 1,430 were infected in Korea, excluding 11 imported cases.

As of Wednesday, the number of cases has decreased to below 1,500 for the first time in 14 weeks.

If you look at the weekly average as of today, there are 1,390 domestic patients, which is 287 fewer than the average of 1,677 a week ago.

The quarantine authorities said that the epidemic is decreasing in a trend, and that the effect of expanding the corona vaccine is great.

If you look at the number of confirmed cases yesterday by region, 1,129 were confirmed in the metropolitan area, and 301 were confirmed in the non-metropolitan area.

The number of seriously ill patients receiving treatment for COVID-19 increased by two from the previous day to 349, and the number of deaths increased by 11 a day yesterday, resulting in 2,709 deaths so far.

Until yesterday, 45.8 million people, 79% of the population, had been vaccinated, and the number of double-vaccinated people was 34.59 million people, 67.4% of the total population.

We are also accelerating the implementation of the step-by-step daily recovery implementation plan, which will be implemented after the vaccination completion rate reaches 70%.

The quarantine authorities announced that they would hold a public hearing on a step-by-step recovery plan with the participation of experts from all walks of life and small business owners on the afternoon of next week.  

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