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first Korean projectile 'Nuriho' takes on a historic challenge today (21st). If it goes as planned, the launch time of the 'Nuri' is 4 PM. We connect reporters about the current preparation situation.

Reporter Seung-yeon Hong, are the preparations for the launch going smoothly?


Yes, it is at the Goheung Space Launch Observatory.

Oenarodo, where the Nuri launch pad is located, is 15km away from here in a straight line, so the public can see the launch moment with the naked eye. are gathering to witness.

The Nuri has been waiting for the launch order as it conducts the final inspection for launch at the control center from 10 am today.

The final launch time will be announced at around 2:30 pm considering the possibility of colliding with space objects and weather conditions, and the current scheduled launch time is 4:00 pm.

After the launch time is set, fuel and oxidizer are injected into the Nuri, and the countdown begins with automatic operation that checks the condition of the Nuri 10 minutes before launch.

Today in Goheung, it is clear without rain or lightning.

At 4 pm, the scheduled launch time, at 15 degrees, the wind is also about 4 m/s, so it is not expected to affect the launch.


What hurdles must be overcome for a successful launch?


The success or failure of the Nuri-ho will be decided within 16 minutes.

The key is that the first, second, and third stages of the rockets are separated at the right time.

After the fairing goes off well, when the altitude reaches 258 km, the second stage rocket will also fall into the sea.

After that, the 3rd stage pushes the satellite, and it takes only 16 minutes to reach the target orbit of 700km.

In this process, controls have been strengthened to prepare for possible dangerous situations.

With the launch pad as the center, the 3km radius of land is completely controlled, and the airspace in the direction of flight is also being controlled.

In preparation for damage that may occur if the wreckage of the rocket falls, the waters off the coast of Korea are controlled for a certain section.  

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