Ikea is innovating in terms of connected objects and should soon market “Vappeby”.

This is a connected speaker that can also be used as an outdoor lamp.

According to an information leak from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) relayed by Squeezer, the device will be equipped with a Spotify Tap button.

This feature is a great first on the connected speaker market.

The button, already present on some Bluetooth headsets, allows you to resume reading where it left off on another device.

IKEA's new Bluetooth lamp with Spotify: The Vappeby speaker has a USB-C port for charging and a battery that can last up to 13 hours at 50% volume and brightness.

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- Inside (@inside) October 18, 2021

An enclosure resistant to rain and dust

This button also allows you to make music recommendations according to the user's mood.

This new connected object in the shape of a mushroom will be equipped with a USB-C port as well as a wheel to manage the volume.

Vappeby will also have 13 hours of battery life, provided the user sets the volume and light to 50% of their capacity.

Also according to the FCC, the 2.700K lamp enclosure will be IP65 certified and will thus resist rain, low-pressure water jets, as well as dust.

It will therefore be able to broadcast music (and light) outdoors.

At the moment, the release date of this smart speaker has not yet been revealed.


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