"What should I do with a person who comes into my yard and sets up a house to kill my dog ​​with a shovel?" A

mysterious man jumps into

someone else

's yard and makes a riot saying he's going to kill the dog in the house. CCTV footage of the incident was released.

Mr. A, who lives in Changnyeong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, posted a CCTV video of the situation at the time on his Instagram yesterday (19th), saying, "I'm the owner, but it's so absurd and frightening to say that I'm going to kill the (pet dog) Autumn."

If you look at the video filmed at around 6:13 pm that evening, the dog, Gabu, the Jindo dog, is being chased by something.

Gaeul, who was running in a hurry, stopped for a moment, looked back, and ran away again in haste.

Then, a white-haired man in blue pants and a black overcoat quickly pursues Autumn with a shovel.

Mr. A said, "I can't be safe in my house, so I'm not sure how I should be protected." "I almost died. My hands are shaking and my heart is shaking. Does this make sense?"

Mr. A, who hadn't slept all day, said, "The point (I mean) is that he came into our house with our shovel and started a riot."

He continued, "(This house) is a space where I live like this, my mother, my blind mother, and my underage sister live like this. It was terrifying to step forward in haste,” he explained.

Regarding the current condition of Gaul, who was safely rescued by Mr. A's mother, he said, "I was terrified, and I peeed and continued to drool. told

On the other hand, Mr. A is asking with the help of an elderly person in the neighborhood to find the man who threatened Ga-i, but he said that he is not from the neighborhood and that he will report it to the police soon.

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(Photo/video source = provided by Mr. A)  

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