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Korean launch vehicle Nuri, made with pure Korean technology, rises toward space the day after (21st). After completing preparations, the Nuri will be transferred to the launch pad tomorrow and await the countdown.

Reporter Han So-hee summarized what technology is contained in the Nuri, the crystal of our space science, and what will be the key to a successful launch.


The core technology of the Korean launch vehicle Nuri is contained in the engine.

The single-stage engine, capable of lifting 75 tons of weight at a time, emits 3,500 degrees of flame.

If this heat is transferred to the engine, it can create a dangerous situation. To prevent this, cold fuel is designed to flow over the fuselage surface surrounding the engine.

The so-called 'clustering technology', which combines four 75-ton engines into a balanced 300-ton engine, is also a key technology that will determine the success or failure of the launch.

[Jang Young-geun/Professor of Aerospace Mechanical Engineering, Aviation University: Even if there is even a little thrust, but even one of them (engine) appears slightly different, it cannot go in the desired direction.]

'Gimbaling technology' to

direct the

projectile is also essential.

It finely adjusts the combustor angle of the four engines to determine the direction the rocket is moving.

After reaching a certain altitude, the key is to detach the rocket.

The 3-stage rocket, Nuriho, has an 'interstage' at the part that connects the 1st and 2nd stages, and the 2nd and 3rd stages.There is a connection site called .

This interstage is equipped with explosives, which must be detonated at the right time to separate each stage.

[Lee Seung-je / Aerospace Research Institute Launch Control Team: Because we cannot actually test it before it is actually developed.

Now make another one that mimics the signal that mimics it...


Nuri will come out of the assembly building tomorrow morning and stand tall on the launch pad.

After connecting the fuel and oxidizer supply lines and completing the projectile function check, only the long-awaited countdown remains.

(Video coverage: Oh Young-chun and Kim Hyun-sang, video editing: Jeon Min-gyu, screen provided: Aerospace Research Institute YouTube)

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