Software company Steam is going to prepare a guide stating which games on its platform are suitable for the gaming handheld Steam Deck.

Steam will review its entire game catalog for the Steam Deck Verified guide, it reports on the Steam Deck website.

After a game is rated, it is classified into one of three categories that Steam Deck Verified uses: verified, playable, and unsupported.

In the first category, the game can be played on the Deck with almost no adjustments.

This means, among other things, that the game supports the use of a controller and the operating software of the Deck.

Verified games get a green checkmark.

Games that are considered 'playable' require additional actions.

For example, the game may have to be started via the touchscreen of the Deck.

Games in this category are given a yellow seal.

The games that are not supported and do not work on the Deck will have a gray icon.

Steam also shows which games have not yet been reviewed for compatibility with the handheld.

Steam says the ratings are not fixed and can always change.

For example, games that are optimized for the Deck may qualify for a green label.

The Steam Deck will ship from December to people who have pre-ordered a copy.

There will be a total of three models.

The cheapest costs 419 euros and contains 64 GB of storage.

The 549 euro version has 256 GB of storage and a faster SSD drive.

That SSD drive is also present in the version of 679 euros, with 512 GB of storage space.

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