The Seoul Geumcheon Police Station announced today (19th) that it was investigating the case of A (34), who was charged with trespassing and assaulting a woman's house by sending a false flower delivery text message (house trespassing, etc.).

According to the police, Mr. A is suspected of assault by entering the victim's house in Geumcheon-gu, Seoul around 9:55 pm yesterday without permission and pulling the victim's hand several times.

As a result of the investigation, it was confirmed that Mr. A sent a false message to the victim saying, 'Flower delivery has arrived' and made the door open.

It is known that the victim was an acquaintance, such as meeting A in the past, but was not in a romantic relationship.

It is known that the victim reported to the police saying 'a stalker has come'.

A police official said, "It appears that the crime was committed when the victim did not meet any more." "After investigating the details of the incident, we will review the application for a warrant."

(Photo = Yonhap News TV capture, Yonhap News) 

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