Kim Tae-hyeon (25), who brutally murdered three mothers and daughters in an apartment in Nowon-gu, Seoul, appealed against the verdict of the first trial, which sentenced him to life imprisonment.

According to the legal community on the 19th, Kim submitted an appeal to the 13th Criminal Settlement Division (Chief Judge Oh Kwon-cheol) of the Seoul Northern District Court, the first trial court the day before.

The prosecution, who had asked for the death penalty for Kim, also filed an appeal on the same day.

In March of this year, while stalking victim A, whom he met in an online game, Kim visited Mr. A's house and was charged with murdering his sister, mother, and Mr. A in turn, and was sentenced to life in prison in the first trial.

Kim admitted that he planned to kill A during the trial, but insisted that the crimes against his sister and mother were accidental.

The prosecution requested the death penalty, the highest sentence in court, saying, "There is no room for consideration other than the extreme sentence," after seeing that Mr. .

The court of first instance pointed out that "the murder of the family does not appear to be accidental, and the accused's crime shows extreme disregard for life. No,” he was sentenced to life in prison. 

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