The story of a user who sells used luxury goods worth 13 billion won on a used trading platform is attracting attention.


The third search term for clicking is 'A chaebol on the second-hand market?'

Recently, an article titled "Chaebol Seller Appeared in Second-hand Market" was posted on an online community.

In the second-hand market, it is common to trade small amounts of second-hand goods between residents of the same area. Mr. A, who lives in Seocho-gu, Seoul, recently sold several high-priced luxury goods, ranging from bracelets worth 6.5 million won to watches worth 165 million won. uploaded to

Market users who saw this showed interest, saying, "The total price of used goods sold is 13 billion won."

In fact, there was a luxury item that had been traded, but as it became known that several items of rare luxury items were sold at more than half price, attention is focused on the identity of Seller A.

Netizens are making various speculations, such as "Isn't the wife of a chaebol family interested in second-hand trading?" and "Isn't this the intention of tax evasion using the fact that it is a direct transaction?"

(Screen source: online community/carrot market)

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