Nine schools in Scotland started using facial recognition during checkout in school cafeterias on Monday, the

Financial Times wrote


The method should speed up checkout, but critics are concerned.

With the new method, students should be able to pay within five seconds during their lunch break.

Previously, PIN codes and fingerprint scanners were used as identity checks in canteens, but facial recognition would be faster and prevent the spread of the corona virus, the schools say.

Some parents disagree with the new method, according to the

Financial Times


In some cases the students were not fully informed and there would have been peer pressure.

Critics also express their concerns about the introduction.

Fraser Simpson, UK government biometrics commissioner, is tasked with overseeing the use of facial recognition and other forms of biometric identity verification.

He states that other methods should always be used if possible.

School umbrella: 97 percent of students in favor of facial recognition

Civil rights organization Big Brother Watch also argues against the introduction of facial recognition.

The organization tells the newspaper that the technology is being normalized, which would be a bad thing.

The school umbrella organization within which the nine schools have united indicates that 97 percent of the students agree with the introduction of the new payment method in the canteens.

"Students often forget their pin code. And unfortunately some have also fallen victim to pin code fraud, so they support the planned developments and appreciate the benefits for them," the umbrella said to the newspaper.

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