New malware attempts to steal data from Android users by masquerading as a security update.

Called FluBot, it spreads by SMS and plays on fear in an attempt to infect its victims.

It is the cybersecurity company Cert NZ that warns against this malware.

FluBot is a spyware whose objective is to steal the bank details of its victims and the passwords contained in the device. To achieve this, FluBot allows itself a rather daring bluff by warning the user that he has been infected… by FluBot. The malware offers to install a (fake) security update to “protect” the user from FluBot. The malware goes so far as to explain how to disable the security of his phone to install the bogus update. Actually, FluBot has not yet been able to infect the device at that time, receiving the SMS is not enough. It is when the bogus security update is installed that the malware actually infects the device.

FluBot also uses other methods to infect its victims.

For example, it masquerades as a parcel delivery SMS in which it indicates that a tracking application must be installed to know when the parcel will arrive.

It also sometimes pretends to receive a voicemail message only available if a particular application is installed.

Cert NZ states that if a user clicks on the link, but does not install the application, they will not be infected.

However, in this case, the site recommends modifying all of your passwords and contacting your bank for security reasons.


To spread, the malware recovers the victim's directory and sends an infected message to their entire contact list.

So far, FluBot has been spotted in Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, UK as well as Australia and Japan.

The malware only targets Android devices.

IOS phones can also get this message, but the app is not compatible with their device, so they don't risk anything.

To avoid this kind of hacking, never install any app or update from unknown and unverified sources.

Android updates are only provided by Google.

No official update will ever ask you to turn off your device's protections.


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How bots help hackers steal your bank details

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