There are quite a few start-ups that want to succeed with new, electric cars.

This deserves special attention, not only because the co-founder and Porsche great-grandson Toni Piëch is the namesake, but also because the Swiss company has set up a profound, twenty-strong team that now made its first appearance two and a half years ago presented a first drivable prototype at the Geneva Motor Show.

Boris Schmidt

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In 2024, three vehicle variants are to come onto the market, a sports car, internally called GT 2, a four-seater (GT 4) and an SUV. The plan is to produce a total of 10,000 units per year, the majority of which will come from the SUV, starting with the GT 2, which will be available in the showrooms for around 200,000 euros. All three Piëch rest on the same basic structure, the battery is T-shaped in the center tunnel and in the rear, there are three motors, one at the front and two independently of each other on the rear wheels. Each offers 150 kW (204 hp). It is promised that the battery, which will have a capacity of around 80 kWh, will be charged in less than ten minutes, provided that it is charged with 350 kW. The range should be up to 500 kilometers.

Technology boss Klaus Schmidt, who made his living at BMW M for a long time, is particularly proud of the battery with pouch cells. Not only can it be charged extremely quickly, it is also able to recuperate more efficiently than others. That increases the range. So far, the company has worked with a Chinese battery manufacturer, but now it is getting the know-how from Europe. In any case, Piëch says he ties himself much closer and more intensively to the respective contracted supplier than is usual in car development, which is a great advantage and makes the processes faster and more effective. The development team has relocated to Memmingen in Bavaria, where there is also a small test track at the airfield.

The Piëch trio is to be built by order at two locations in Europe.

Magna in Austria, Valmet in Finland or NedCar in the Netherlands are eligible.

The financing until then has been secured.

Porsche grandson Ferdinand Piëch would certainly be very proud of his son.

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