Prosecutors will investigate Nam-wook as a suspect if he enters the country as scheduled. There is also talk of the possibility of an arrest warrant being executed immediately at the airport.

Reporter Son Hyung-an is the breaking news for the prosecution's investigation.

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investigation team of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office requested the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take measures to nullify the passport of Attorney Nam Wook, who is staying in the United States.

Prosecutors are considering lawyer Nam as the suspect.

Attorney Nam is expected to be investigated by the prosecution immediately after entering the country, but an arrest warrant may be executed at the airport due to the fact that he moved to the United States when the suspicion of large-scale labor began in earnest, and his current residence in Korea is not constant.

Lawyer Nam has been excluded from the Daejang-dong business since 2015 and claims that he is unaware of the lobbying allegations, but his business partner, Mr. It is expected to focus on

Prosecutors are also focusing on securing additional evidence to support the allegations of preferential treatment and lobbying.

We plan to review the data obtained from the Seongnam City Hall seizure and search, and continue to investigate the officials who were in charge of the Daejang-dong project.

Amid controversy over the exclusion of the mayor's office and the secretary's office from the Seongnam City Hall seizure and search targets, the prosecution explained that it was a measure that comprehensively considered the progress of the investigation.

A reinforcing investigation is also underway against former general manager Yoo Dong-gyu, who must be put on trial by the 20th.

In particular, the prosecution changed the way that the 500 million won in bribe money that Mr. Kim Man-bae gave to former general manager Yoo was cash and checks, but that it was all cash had an effect on Kim's arrest warrant dismissal. It is said that they are tracking it precisely.

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