With a new feature on Spotify, you can start the day with news, music and podcasts.

Raffle tickets can also be drawn.

These are the apps of the week.

To pull straws

It is slowly time again to draw raffle tickets for Sinterklaas or Christmas.

The most famous place for this is Lootjestrek.nl and this website now has its own app.

In the app you enter the names of everyone with whom you want to draw lots and you can set who is not allowed to draw each other.

This is useful, for example, if you want to ensure that couples do not pull each other, so that they can buy gifts together.

Then you set a date and gift amount and send the invitations.

All invitees can then create a wish list in the app.

This can of course also be done via the website.

If you use the app yourself, not everyone in the group has to do it.

It is striking that the app has no advertisements and that you do not have to register yourself.

You will find products from all kinds of web stores when filling out a wish list.

Download Draw Draw for Android or iOS (free).


The success of the Clubhouse app seems long behind us, but tech giants are still rolling out their version of this technology.

Facebook's response to Clubhouse is now rolling out to the Netherlands and Belgium.

As with Clubhouse, Live Audio Rooms from Facebook allows you to start an audio conversation, in this case only from verified creators and public persons.

Up to fifty people can speak in such an audio room.

An unlimited number of Facebook users can listen in.

The feature was introduced in the United States last June, but is only now rolling out worldwide.

The Live Audio Rooms can currently only be started from an iPhone.

An Android version is still being worked on.

Facebook also wants to make it possible to listen to conversations within Live Audio Rooms from a desktop computer.

Download Facebook for Android or iOS (free).


The music app Spotify introduces Your Daily, a personal playlist to start the day.

This consists of a short NU.nl news bulletin with the news of the day, songs you have listened to recently and short episodes of podcasts that Spotify thinks you like.

If you press the play button, Spotify first gives a short introduction.

Then the news starts immediately.

This bulletin is always the latest version created.

So you can start your day a little later, without hearing old news.

In the settings of the playlist you can see which podcasts are included (for example, the

University of the Netherlands


De Kunstcouriers


NRC Today


You can delete these shows one by one if they don't appeal to you.

Download Spotify for Android or iOS (free).

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