A 20-year-old man in his 20s who was caught in a drunk driving accident and drank again while on trial was sentenced to imprisonment.

Suwon District Court's Criminal Investigation Division 1-1 reversed the original sentence of 2 years in prison and sentenced to 1 year and 2 months in prison for Mr.

A was charged with driving a car in a drunken state with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.159%, which is the level of license revocation, in Hwaseong City at the dawn of the 15th, just two days after receiving a summary order of 8 million won in fines for drunk driving on August 13, last year. indicted.

Person A, who was driving a car while drunk, is also charged with injuring three people, including Mr. B and a passenger, by hitting the rear of Mr. B's vehicle while he was waiting for a signal.

It is known that Mr. A was caught drunk again in this accident, after completing the accident report and driving about 3 km, again by the police.

Person A, who was indicted without detention on these charges and was being tried in the Suwon District Court, was also charged with driving a car without a license in Yongin City on the morning of January 10, with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.112%.

A was also caught by the police while sleeping in the car after crashing into the curb of the sidewalk on the same day.

Including those caught twice a day, he was caught driving under the influence four times in total.

In May, the first trial sentenced the accused to two years in prison, saying, "The accused seems to be remarkably lacking in awareness of drunk driving."

The second trial said, "Before this case, the defendant had no history of being punished for drunk driving other than a summary order, he was young at the time of the crime and had no criminal record exceeding the fine, and reached an agreement with the victims of the traffic accident at the second trial. “The sentence has been reduced to one year and two months in prison. 

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