A man in his 20s has been arrested by the police after tricking dozens of people into stealing money by saying he would sell luxury wallets at Carrot Market and Facebook.

The Seoul Geumcheon Police Station arrested a man in his 20s on charges of habitual fraud on the 12th.

Person A is accused of stealing about 11 million won from 22 people by posting an article about selling luxury wallets for a month from last August.

When Mr. A did not comply with the request for attendance, the police immediately applied for an arrest warrant and arrested Mr. A around 10 am on the 12th while hiding near his house.

In August last year, Mr. A was sentenced to one year in prison for habitual fraud and was recently released from prison and it was confirmed that he committed the crime again.

Meanwhile, due to the persuasion of the police, compensation for damages has been completed for 21 of the 22 victims so far.

The police plan to send Mr. A to the prosecution without detention as soon as the investigation into the female crime is completed.

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