A 26-year-old man from Deventer has been sentenced to 24 months in prison and TBS for fornication with two underage fans.

He had a popular YouTube channel and got to know them there.

He was also convicted of luring children online and possessing a large amount of child pornography.

The Deventer streamed video games and had a few thousand followers who could chat with him.

He had a fourteen-year-old boy from Roden perform sexual acts and make recordings of them.

The photos and videos were sent to him.

An eleven-year-old boy from Musselkanaal was also urged to do so.

This victim also met in September last year.

The man committed fornication with the boy at a gas station.

Because the victim stayed away from home for a long time, his parents called the police.

They found out about the appointment through their son's laptop.

DNA of the 26-year-old Deventer was found on the boy's body.

The judge sees, among other things, sexually tinted chat conversations and the DNA traces as evidence.

A chat conversation showed that the YouTuber took the initiative to meet the eleven-year-old boy.

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) demanded thirty months in prison.

The man is diminished.

According to experts, he struggles with multiple disorders, including autism and pedophilia.

The chance of recurrence is high, which is why long-term treatment and supervision is necessary, according to the judge.

He will also be under probation supervision during his TBS treatment.

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