No user passwords were leaked in a data breach in early October on the streaming platform Twitch.

The company wrote this in an update on its website on Friday.

The leak came to light on October 6, when a hacker on internet forum 4chan alleged that he had stolen 125 GB of data from Twitch.

According to the hacker, it included the source code of Twitch and payment information from users.

The streaming platform previously said in a response that information had been leaked.

Now the company writes that it was indeed about the data that the hacker had already shared.

According to Twitch, only a small number of users have been affected by the leak, although the company is not disclosing specific numbers.

Victims will be notified by Twitch.

"No passwords have been leaked," the company wrote.

"We are confident that systems that store Twitch credentials have not been affected."

Passwords are also stored encrypted, Twitch emphasizes.

The vault with credit card details or other user banking information would also not be affected.

Twitch has apologized to users.

"We have taken steps to further secure our service."

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