Summarizing an entire book through AI is what OpenAI, a company founded by Elon Musk, envisions using its GPT-3 text generator.

The goal of this tool is to summarize books, and other types of texts, such as studies or research papers, regardless of their length, using an AI that will condense essential information into a few lines.

A fragmented summary

This AI will work according to a principle of fragmentation: rather than summarizing the entire book from the start, it segments it into several parts that it summarizes separately.

And, thereafter, all these parts will be put together to form the final summary.

OpenAI speaks of "recursive decomposition of tasks".

This cutting of the work considerably simplifies the task of the AI.

Indeed, it is very complicated to summarize a book in its entirety and to enter all the important data.

The obstacle has therefore been diverted to make this tool much more effective.

The usefulness of this AI

This AI could be particularly useful for certain companies in which employees must unearth and consult a lot of documentation.

According to a SearchYourCloud survey, employees search for information an average of 9.3 hours per week.

This technology would therefore represent a significant time saving.

Some limits

Despite its enormous potential, this tool still has some flaws.

Summaries can sometimes contain erroneous information, especially when the context is not clearly defined or if there are poorly explicit elements in the document.

Moreover, the AI ​​does not produce texts of great linguistic richness and the summary, if it remains very factual, is not particularly well written.

Finally, we do not yet know whether or not this technology will be accessible to the general public.


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