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A married man in his 30s who cheated on his identity with a fake doctor's license and had sex with 20 women was arrested by the police.   

The Seodaemun Police Station in Seoul announced yesterday (14th) that it had sent Mr. A to the prosecution on charges such as forgery of public documents and forgery of private documents in June. 

From April 2019 to April this year, Mr. A is accused of having sex with 20 women using forged doctor's licenses and doctor IDs from famous university hospitals in Seoul. 

It is known that he submitted a fake doctor's license and ID while signing up for a marriage broker application (app). 

Mr. A was in contact with hundreds of women, including tax accountants, nurses, and daycare teachers, who were introduced through the company, and it is said that he has kept body photos sent by some women on his cell phone.

As a result of the police investigation, it was revealed that Mr. A was married and had children, but pretended to be single by fabricating the marriage certificate. 

The police revealed that they are considering applying additional charges of interfering with the work of a marriage broker in addition to the charges of forgery of public and private documents to Mr.

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