The police have started to recover the iPhone, former head of the planning division of Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, Dong-gyu Yoo, a key figure in the suspicion of lobbying and preferential treatment for the Daejang-dong development project in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do.

However, as it is known that the damaged state of the mobile phone is more serious than expected, there are concerns that the actual restoration will proceed smoothly.

A high-ranking police official said today (14th), "First, we need to fix the externally broken part, and then proceed with the repair step by step, such as checking the damage to the motherboard or memory later."

The Digital Forensics Center of the National Investigation Headquarters, commissioned by the Gyeonggi Nambu Police Agency's dedicated investigation team, started forensics yesterday in the presence of Yoo's attorney.

However, as former general manager Yoo threw his cell phone out of the window on the 9th floor just before the prosecution searched and seized the residence, the damage to the cell phone was worse than expected, so the police predict that it will take a considerable amount of time to recover.

A police official said, "I've only just opened my cell phone," and "It's difficult to answer right away how long it will take to recover."

It is also known that the phone's password has not been verified yet.

When asked if it would be possible to send a cell phone to Israel for analysis in relation to the removal of the visa, a police official declined to say, "It is difficult to know at this stage."

Meanwhile, it is known that the police are still checking the relationship between the citizen who picked up the cell phone that Yoo threw out the window and the police.

In addition, as the cell phone that the police are undergoing forensic testing was recently purchased by former general manager Yoo, it is said that they are also looking for the whereabouts of the cell phone that was used before. 

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