The Kookmin University Faculty Association held a runoff vote on whether or not to express an opinion on the suspicion of Kim Kun-hee, the wife of former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol's doctoral thesis, but it was rejected due to a lack of votes.

According to the university district today (14th), the Kookmin University Faculty Association held a run-off voting until 6 pm yesterday on 'active response' and 'non-response' in relation to the re-investigation of the Kookmin University Research Ethics Committee on the suspicion of Kim's thesis misconduct. The bill itself was discarded as neither side received more than two-thirds of the votes.

An official from the Kookmin University Faculty Association said, "'Active response' received a higher percentage of votes than 'non-response', but did not get more than two-thirds of the votes. .

However, it is reported that the faculty association is planning to deliver an official letter to the school authorities stating that the professors are taking Kim's allegations of thesis fraud seriously.

In a vote on whether to express opinions on Kim's thesis re-examination held by the Kookmin University Faculty Association from the 5th to the 8th of this month, 'active response' (38.6%, 114 people) and 'non-response' (36.9%, 109 people) took the first and second places. This led to a runoff voting.

Previously, Kookmin University announced that it would not conduct the main investigation because the statute of limitations for verification had passed as a result of preliminary investigation of Kim's doctoral thesis.

(Photo = provided by Kookmin University, Yonhap News)

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