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You must have heard a lot of news that the number of people donating blood has decreased since Corona 19, but I have seen many articles that the Korean Red Cross is promoting a system that reduces the penalty points for violating traffic laws if you donate blood.

According to data obtained by the Korean Red Cross by the Office of Rep. Kang Seon-woo of the Democratic Party of Korea belonging to the National Assembly's Health and Welfare Committee, the Red Cross is considering a plan to reduce 10 demerit points for submitting blood donations to the police after being caught violating traffic laws.

The policy is to allow a maximum of 40 points to be reduced up to four times a year, except for penalty points imposed for 11 gross negligence such as drunk driving or violating the center line.

In the case of submitting blood donation without demerit points, 10 points of preferential treatment such as mileage will be awarded, and if demerit points occur in the future, these points can be deducted.

However, Rep. Kang pointed out that such a blood donation reduction system actually encourages the act of selling blood and needs to be reexamined.


There are a lot of elementary school students these days who want to become pro gamers.

But I've seen a lot of articles about actually going through the eye of a needle to become a pro gamer.

Students who play games while constantly moving their eyes and hands. At first glance, it may look like a PC room, but it is a game academy.

There was opposition at first, but as awareness of the pro gamer profession has improved a lot, it has attracted the support of my parents.

However, the road to becoming an official professional gamer is not easy. After passing the 1-month evaluation class, the students can take the 4-month regular class. After that, they are given the opportunity to audition to join the 3rd team squad through the evaluation of the coaches.

Last year, e-sports suffered a lot of trouble due to the issue of unfair contracts by underage professional gamers.

The average annual salary of domestic pro gamers is around 170 million won.

The article reported that the market value of e-sports is expected to grow even more, with the establishment of non-face-to-face culture due to the corona virus and e-sports being adopted as an official sport at the Hangzhou Asian Games next year.

--- It

has been two months since the special contributors who helped Korea from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan came to Korea.

The cheers of Afghan teenagers participating in the Taekwondo class reverberate throughout the playground.

Hijab-wearing girls punch and kick as hard as men.

Learn Korean culture naturally through Taekwondo three times a week.

Of the total 391 residents, 235 are teenagers or younger, and they are adapting quickly enough to speak simple Korean such as greetings.

Along with Korean language, they are receiving various life education such as garbage collection, fire and crime prevention.

The government plans to amend the Enforcement Decree of the Immigration Control Act and issue F2 visas to grant residence status to them. 

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