The unfortunate story of the owner of a general store who stole 1 million won in cash from a 9-year-old child and did not get it back.

The shock was further increased when a CCTV video of 9-year-old group A stealing a bundle of cash and running away was released.

Group A, who visited a general store in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do, looked around for a while, bought a children's bag and wallet, and left the store.

A few hours later, when shopkeeper B left for lunch, group A returned to the empty store.

Group A looked around to see if there were no people around, and then reached out to the safe in the corner.

Then he stole a bundle of cash worth about 1 million won from the safe and ran away.

After returning from lunch, Mr. B noticed the theft and immediately reported it to the police, and the CCTV video he checked with the police contained the child's theft.

Mr. B said that when Mr. A visited the store for the first time, he was suspicious that his eyes stayed on the safe.

Mr. B said, "It was a little strange when Mr. A entered the store. He came in with an expensive wallet and cash," he said.

He continued, "He's such a cute and kind-looking kid, but I'm very surprised that he committed a crime."

As a result of the police investigation, group A is 9 years old and under 10 years old, so it is impossible to ask for criminal responsibility.

Lawyer Ha Ha-gyu said, "Children under the age of 10 cannot be held criminally responsible. We have a legal system that can only discipline them. We cannot punish parents. You can file a claim for damages. As the amount is less than 30 million won, I think we will have to file a small claims court suit."

Mr. B said, "(This situation) is very frustrating and I hope to receive a reasonable punishment. I would like to get the amount of damage back."

Meanwhile, the parents of group A said that it is difficult to return the amount of damage immediately.

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