As the COVID-19 outbreak continues, camping is becoming more and more popular, and there is controversy as some campers are caught in their tents and cooking in a parking lot near a tourist attraction.

He spreads out a mat among the parked cars and eats food with his tent and camping gear spread out.

This is a photo that was recently uploaded to an online community saying that it was captured in a parking lot near a park on the Hantan River in Yeoncheon. He explained the situation at the time that about three teams were seen in the parking lot for the disabled or even in the disabled parking area.

I made a civil complaint to the management agency, but I also complained that I heard the answer, 'Even if I give guidance, it means nothing again after a while' and 'There is no fine even if I crack down'.

As more and more people enjoy camping after Corona, similar cases are steadily coming up on the online community. Problems such as enjoying camping in places where camping is prohibited or throwing garbage without permission are still being raised.

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