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An incident occurred in which a male middle school student indiscriminately assaulted a female elementary school student and broke the nose bone and front teeth.

According to a media report on the 13th, in the middle of last month, 6th grader A, who lives in Gangneung, Gangwon Province, was assaulted with fists and feet by a first grader in the same neighborhood in the hallway after classes at the hagwon.

It is the claim of both sides that the perpetrator male student made fun of Miss A's appearance with a friend and it escalated into an argument, and then violently assaulted him because he bumped his shoulder.

As a result of this assault, Ms. A had her lips popped, bruises on her face and back, and a broken nose bone and two front teeth.

He was also diagnosed with 'acute stress reaction' due to psychological trauma and is undergoing outpatient treatment.

It is known that the victim girl has not been able to attend school properly for nearly a month.

Miss A said, "I keep having nightmares and can't sleep well, so I went to a psychiatrist, but that couldn't be solved."

Miss A's grandmother said that on the day of the incident, she received a call from the academy that she had been hit, and said that she reacted lukewarmly, such as not taking first aid immediately after the assault.

On the other hand, the parents of the perpetrator claimed that they tried to reach an agreement with an apology, but that Ms. A had an argument first and that her son was also beaten during the physical fight.

At this, A's grandmother burst into anger, saying, "(The perpetrator's parents) said that they can't pay more than 10 million won (settlement) because they are a law-abiding boy. Isn't money a problem?"

In relation to this case, the Gangneung City Office of Education has decided to open the School Violence Countermeasures Review Committee, and the police are also investigating the circumstances of the incident.

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