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A man in his 50s, who was sentenced to prison for fraud, secretly escaped the courthouse and fled, and the police began to pursue him.

According to the Daejeon Police Agency, a man in his 50s, who was sentenced to 6 months in prison for fraud at the Daejeon District Court at around 3 pm on the 13th, fled in the process of detention.

It is known that Mr. A, who had previously been tried without detention, was sentenced to prison and escaped from the court due to neglect of monitoring.

After receiving the report at around 6:30 pm, the Daejeon Police Agency urgently dispatched about 100 personnel to pursue Mr. A.

In addition, the escape route is being identified through the analysis of nearby CCTVs.

A police official said, "I know that A is not in handcuffs."

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