At the end of last year, when former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol was in office, the first trial judgment was issued to maintain the two-month suspension from the Ministry of Justice.

The 12th administrative division of the Seoul Administrative Court (Judge Jung Yong-seok) ruled today (14th) that the plaintiff lost the lawsuit filed by former President Yoon against the Minister of Justice.

In December of last year, when former Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae served as prosecutor-general, Yoon received a two-month suspension from the Ministry of Justice.

The Ministry of Justice presented a total of six reasons for disciplinary action, and among them, the Prosecutor's Disciplinary Committee ▲ Prepared and distributed documents related to the investigation of major cases in the Supreme Prosecutor's Office's Office of Investigation and Information Policy ▲ Interfering with the inspection of the Channel A case ▲ Interfering with the investigation of the Channel A case ▲ Undermining political neutrality as a prosecutor Four cases were acknowledged.

In response, former President Yoon filed an application for suspension of execution with the court and filed a lawsuit, saying, "The grounds for disciplinary action are not true and the disciplinary procedure is also illegal and unfair."

The court accepted the suspension of execution requested by former President Yoon, and the disciplinary action was suspended until the judgment on the merits of the first instance was made.

(Photo = Yonhap News)

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