There are more victims of being abused by childcare teachers when they have nowhere to turn. It is also confirmed that at this nursery run by a convent entrusted with the Seoul Metropolitan Government, four years ago, a teacher was sentenced to prison for abusing nine children.

Reporter Jeong Ban-seok covered why this situation could not be corrected early.


Four years ago, a teacher at this orphanage was sentenced to one year in prison and two years of probation.

He punched a child for wanting to transfer to another class, and beaten him on the lips, cheeks and stomach for choosing a high school to attend without consulting him.

Nine children were victimized.

Last month, three childcare teachers were sued for assault.

The complaint contained that they beat the child's ass dozens of times with clubs and starved the original students all day long.

Even though the abusive teacher was sentenced to imprisonment, the Seoul Metropolitan Government only ordered improvement and allowed the convent to continue operating the orphanage.

The city of Seoul said it had taken into account the orphanage's report of the abused teacher.

In 2016, the Seoul Metropolitan Government conducted a survey on the actual situation.

It was even revealed that the daycare teacher had had an inappropriate relationship with the child.

Nevertheless, the convent operated an orphanage until two years ago.

The Congregation of the Sisters said that if they became aware of the abuse, they took action, such as reporting it to the police immediately.

[Jeong Ik-Jung / Professor of Social Welfare, Ewha Womans University: I think it will be necessary to downsize the facility and allocate more manpower.

Because it is a place where children live like a home, it is not easy to actually report it, so wouldn't it be necessary to strengthen external monitoring...


Last year, the Ministry of Health and Welfare's nationwide survey of child welfare facilities revealed that 230 children in 38 facilities were being abused or suspected of being abused.

(Video coverage: Yang Doo-won, video editing: Kim Jun-hee, CG: Seo Dong-min)

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The lawsuit is a nursery school student

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