It is also worthwhile for us to refer to what the countries that first implemented the With Corona policy were like. When quarantine regulations were lifted, most of the confirmed cases increased, so in some countries, the damage was increased, but in other countries, it was temporarily over and daily life was restored.

This content was pointed out by Cho Dong-chan, a medical professional reporter.


After the introduction of Weed Corona in the Netherlands, if the number of confirmed cases increases, it will return to strong social distancing, and once the spread has slowed, the restrictions will be lifted again.

[Marc Rutte / Prime Minister of the Netherlands: I am happy to be able to lift the social distance of 1.5m from September 25th.]

Most countries are alternating with Corona and quarantine regulations according to the number of confirmed cases.

In Singapore, the number of confirmed cases has surged after the With Corona, and the casualties are at an all-time high, but with Corona does not stop.

[Lee Hsien Loong/Prime Minister of Singapore: Our ability to cope with COVID-19 is improving. As many patients become infected and recover, our immunity rises.]

This is because strong distancing cannot last long, but there are also voices of concern within the country.

There are countries that have suppressed the corona virus well for 7 months even after lifting restrictions on all restaurants and cafes.

It is Denmark, which has lifted the lockdown from last April to the club, but is blocking the 4th pandemic at 1/4 the level of the 3rd pandemic.

In particular, the death toll from coronavirus is below 1 per million, the lowest in the world.

This is a Norwegian paper analyzing the success factors of Denmark.

It is analyzed that Denmark has greatly reduced the psychological suffering of the people caused by the COVID-19.

The possibility of side effects of the vaccine was transparently informed from the beginning, raising reliability and achieving 73% of the vaccination completion rate for adults aged 16 and over.

In addition, by emphasizing autonomy, quarantine guidelines such as wearing a mask and washing hands are permeated into daily life.

The high vaccination rate, the people's voluntary quarantine, and the secret to the success of With Corona.

(Video coverage: Kim Hak-mo, video editing: Yoon Tae-ho, CG: Park Dong-soo·Lee Yeon-hee)

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