Special contributors who helped Korea from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan came to Korea. Two months have passed, and now I am free from the fear of war and retaliation, and I am preparing to settle down by learning Korean and Taekwondo.

We met with reporter Koo Jun-hoe from CJB.


The cheers of Afghan youths participating in the Taekwondo class reverberate throughout the stadium.

Hijab-wearing girls punch and kick as hard as men.

Learn Korean culture naturally through Taekwondo three times a week.

[Afghanistan Special Contributor (13 years old): In Afghanistan, women cannot freely practice Taekwondo, but they come to Korea to practice Taekwondo freely, and the facilities are good, so they enjoy Taekwondo.] Of the

total 391 residents, 235 are teenagers.

I am adapting quickly enough to speak simple Korean such as greetings.

[Afghanistan Special Contributor (15 years old): After learning Korean, I want to go to university and study to become a doctor. And I want to help Koreans.] The

government is running a social integration program to help achieve self-reliance.

In addition to the Korean language, various life education programs such as garbage collection, fire and crime prevention are provided.

[Afghanistan Special Contributor: We will solve the problems we will face in the future step by step.

I know it won't be easy.

However, I will do my best to settle in Korea.] The

government plans to amend the enforcement ordinance of the Immigration Control Act in the future to issue F2 visas and grant them residence status.

At the end of this month, he left Jincheon and moved to another area and completed four months of education, before starting a full-fledged settling in Korea.

In line with this, the government plans to form a government joint promotion team to support their settlement in the local area.

(Video coverage: Kim Geun-hyuk CJB) 

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