Apple is working on health features for AirPods.

This includes options that should ensure that the earphones can serve as hearing aids,

The Wall Street Journal


on Wednesday based on internal documents that the newspaper has seen.

Furthermore, the AirPods could function as an ear thermometer and the earphones should provide the user with information about his or her body position.

Sources involved in the project confirmed the plans to the newspaper, but Apple itself declined to comment.

According to the newspaper, the earphones are still under development, but it is not clear whether and in what form they will eventually come on the market.

Prototypes would be developed at this time.

The new information comes shortly after the newspaper reported that Apple is working on features to diagnose cognitive impairment and depression in users.

The company would investigate whether this can be done with algorithms on the basis of, among other things, the mobility, physical behavior, sleeping patterns and typing behavior of the user.

It is also unclear whether these features will ever actually be released.

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