Amazon is said to have copied products from other sellers in India, a growth market of the company, and sold them in its own online store.

This is evident from thousands of internal company documents that have been viewed by the





The employees would also have adjusted the way in which products appeared in the webshop.

When customers searched for products, Amazon's own showed higher in the results than competitors'.

Individuals and companies can sell their products in the Amazon webshop, but Amazon also sells products there.

The company does this with its own brands.

The documents show that a group of Amazon employees researched which sellers' products sold well.

The products were then counterfeited and sold by Amazon under one of the company's own brand names.

One of the victims is said to be a well-known Indian clothing brand.

According to


the data

describes exactly how Amazon's group intended to counterfeit and sell the targeted clothing.

The revelations provide a new look at Amazon's previous criticisms.

The company has been charged several times for counterfeiting goods from sellers on the platform.

For example, the United States, Europe and India opened investigations into Amazon's competitive approach.

Until now, the company has always denied the allegations.

The new revelations from


would also be wrong, Amazon said in a statement.

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