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Daily Recovery Support Committee to prepare for coexistence with Corona was officially launched yesterday (13th). Blueprints for daily recovery, including a new quarantine system, are expected to be released by the end of this month. The distance adjustment plan to be announced tomorrow is expected to be partially relaxed.

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Daily Recovery Support Committee is a public-private joint organization, Prime Minister Bu-gyeom Kim and Chair Professor Choi Jae-cheon of Ewha Womans University served as co-chairs.

The committee consisted of 8 government officials and 30 people including experts from various fields and representatives of the self-employed.

It has been made clear that Corona is no longer a fear, but an object of coexistence, and the recovery of daily life will be carried out in stages.

[Choi Jae-cheon / Co-Chairman of the Daily Recovery Support Committee: I am trying to get rid of it completely, but that is a very difficult problem. So that our people don't suffer too much, so that they can live in this situation anyway... .]

[Kim Bu-gyeom/Co-Chairman of the Daily Recovery Support Committee: Yes, but again, let’s take off the mask right away, this is by no means.]

After each of the four divisions, divided into economic livelihood, social culture, self-government safety, and quarantine and medical care, gathered their opinions, A detailed roadmap will be prepared by the end of this month at the plenary meeting.

The main agendas are how far to allow vaccine passes to incentivize vaccinated people, and how to change key indicators to criticality and fatality rate instead of the number of confirmed cases.

The specific application time of the roadmap has not been revealed, but it is expected around early November.

As the distance adjustment plan to be announced tomorrow is a stepping stone to a new quarantine system, there is a possibility that some quarantine measures will be relaxed.

In the metropolitan area, plans are being considered to increase the number of private gatherings to eight people, including those who have completed vaccination, and to extend the hours of use of restaurants and cafes to midnight only for those who have completed vaccination. 

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