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having been abused at an orphanage commissioned by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the orphanage students who became adults gathered up their courage and began to tell the world about the pain of the past. There are growing calls to end child abuse, but this is happening over and over again.

Correspondent Kim Min-jung.

<Reporter> The

three of them grew up in a foster care orphanage in Seoul since they were babies.

Although the classes were different and the teachers in charge were different, the memories of the constant abuse are the same.

[Mr. A: (Floor) If you don't sweep properly, they tell you to put the garbage in the rice and eat it. Like being locked up in a very narrow gap all day.]

[Mr. B: After Mass, the teacher told me to run on a first-come, first-served basis. The last guy hit the ass with a bat again and just kicked... .] In

order to detect covert abuse in the home, teachers who discover signs of abuse are obligated to report it.

But in the orphanage, the teacher was the parent and the person to report abuse.

So the abuse was easily concealed.

There were times when an outside agency came out to investigate, but I couldn't bear to confess to them.

Because I was more afraid that the nursery would close.

[Mr. B: It would be okay if I was here, but I don't want to go anywhere else. Because I was living with my friends. In a way, it's all family. So I think I cried a lot.]

They recently became adults and left the orphanage, but the wounds never healed.

She suffered from trauma and was even diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

I have decided to sue the abusive teachers and the orphanage foundation for alimony for psychological harm.

It is for self-healing.

[C: I have so many bad memories when I was young.

I want to overcome...


To help the lawsuits of those who barely managed to find courage, civic groups and civil defense have come forward.

[Mr. B: Finally, I have people who helped me like this for the first time.

I have the courage to prepare for a lawsuit and receive treatment (trauma).]  

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