Addictive lyrics and melodies, and K-pop choreography that anyone can easily follow. EBS children's animation 'Potendog', which became popular on social media with the inserted song 'I stepped on shit', appeared in the National Audit Certificate.

Yesterday (12th) morning at the National Assembly Science, Technology, Information and Broadcasting and Communications Committee 2021 KBS (Korea Broadcasting Corporation) and EBS (Korea Education and Broadcasting Corporation) audit, controversy over the harmfulness of some scenes and lines in 'Poten Dog' arose.

Kim Sang-hee, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea, pointed out illegal filming, animal abuse, and bullying in 'Poten Dog', saying, "It contains violent content that even an adult can frown on."

In particular, after a villain character secretly records a video of the main characters, they say, “Be quiet. If you are noisy, I will send you a video”, “I can delete the video if you just do my request. The scene where he spit out lines became a problem.

Earlier, in August, the civic group 'Politics Mothers' issued a statement along with 'Flame of the Chaser', which infiltrated the Nth room case of Telegram, and said, "EBS is a 'Potendog' full of violence, hate and discrimination. Stop the replay and come up with a production guideline based on human rights.”

As the controversy continued, some of the viewing ratings of 'Poten Dog' were adjusted from 7 years old to 12 years old.

EBS is "As a result of intensive monitoring by internal and external experts, there were no comments on the overall content, but as a preemptive measure, the rating was adjusted to '12-year-old viewers'."

EBS President Kim Myung-joong, who attended the national audit on the same day, said, "(The content) was co-production, so we gave it to an external production company. I did.

For more details, check out the video.

(Composition: Hwi-Ran Kim, Edit: Seung-Yeon Park)  

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