Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong has been tried on charges of illegally administering propofol, a psychotropic drug. Vice Chairman Lee acknowledged the charges and said he was deeply reflecting, and the prosecution requested a fine of 70 million won.

Correspondent Yoon-sik Jeong.


Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong, who is attending the trial on suspicion of illegal succession of management rights, this time stood in another criminal court on charges of illegal administration of propofol.

[Lee Jae-yong / Vice Chairman of Samsung Electronics: (Are you still in the position that you have never used illegal drugs?) … … .]

Vice Chairman Lee is accused of habitually administering propofol for non-medical purposes at a plastic surgery clinic in Gangnam, Seoul.

Prosecutors demanded that Vice Chairman Lee be sentenced to a fine of 70 million won and a fine of 17.02 million won, saying that he had illegally administered drugs 41 times from January 2015 to May last year.

Vice Chairman Lee, who claimed innocence during the prosecution's investigation, saying it was for treatment, admitted all the charges in court.

"I apologize for causing concern over personal matters," he said.

When the judge asked, "Have there been any problems since your recent release from prison?", Vice Chairman Lee expressed his will not to illegally administer propofol by saying, "I can speak with confidence."

In June, the prosecution made a summary indictment of Vice-President Lee, who was fined 50 million won but not submitted to trial. charged for.

The sentencing date for Vice Chairman Lee is scheduled for the 26th.

(Video coverage: Kim Nam-seong, Video editing: So Ji-hye)