Blue Origin to send Star Strek's Captain Kirk to space

At 90 years old, William Shatner, here in New York on October 7, 2021, will become the oldest man to go to space.

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Take off in a few hours for the second flight in the space of the company Blue Origin.

After a first sightseeing trip in July, Jeff Bezos' company is about to send four new people.

At 1:30 p.m. UTC, the New Shepard rocket will depart from Texas with four passengers on board including William Shatner, Captain Kirk from the famous Star Strek series.


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More than a trip to space for William Shatner, it is a passage from science fiction to reality.

Captain Kirk in Star Trek is actually going to leave Earth, but not for a five-year mission like in the show, as the trip will only be 10 minutes.

With the three other passengers, including the vice-president of Blue Origin, he will be propelled 100 km from Earth, on the Karmane line, the frontier of space. 

William Shatner and the others are going to have to stay focused to enjoy the show without missing a beat.

They will only be weightless in the cabin for four short minutes.

The oldest man to travel in space

But regardless, the Canadian actor is impatient.

For him this expedition is "a miracle".

And we understand it, because at 90 years old, William Shatner will become the oldest man to travel in space. 

For Blue Origin

, sending the actor to the stars is above all a communication blow before his next missions.

The first take-offs for the general public are scheduled for 2022.


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