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A man in his 30s, who had been punished for driving under the influence three times in the past, caused a car accident while driving under the influence again, but was sentenced to a fine instead of a prison sentence. 

Yesterday (Judge Park Jin-young, Chief Judge) of the Chuncheon District Court sentenced a 38-year-old man who was charged with violating the Act on Aggravated Punishment for Specific Crimes (Dangerous Driving) and Violating the Road Traffic Act (Drunk Driving) a fine of 18 million won. 11) said.  

On the 21st of February, at around 11 pm, while driving drunk on a road in Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, he ran into a taxi waiting for a signal.

In this accident, taxi driver B in his 50s and two passengers were injured.  

At the time of the accident, the blood alcohol level of Mr. A was confirmed to be 0.130%, which is the license revocation value. 

A was found to have been punished for drunk driving three times in 2013, including being fined 4 million won for driving under the influence. 

In particular, he was sentenced to 10 months in prison and 2 years of probation for the crime of special intimidation in April last year and was on probation. 

The court of first instance pointed out that "the crime quality of the accused is not good, such as causing a car accident while driving under the influence of alcohol without self-restraint even during the probation period." 

However, the court said, "The defendant shows repentance, the extent of the injuries suffered by the victims is not serious and the defendant does not want to be punished by the agreement. He said, "I took into account the fact that it was a different kind of crime from the crime in this case." 

He continued, "If the prison sentence is chosen, the accused will have to spend a considerable amount of time in detention." added.

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