Industrial company VDL is still struggling with problems a day after it was hit by a cyber attack.

For example, the car factory of VDL-Nedcar in Born is still partly closed.

VDL says that all 105 companies of the group are still affected to a greater or lesser extent by the computer hacking.

A spokesperson cannot say what the situation is per company.

He does state, however, that all VDL companies worldwide have been affected by the cyber attack.

The attack already severely affected business operations at the factory in Born on Thursday.

Because the systems were switched off, it was not possible for employees of the Dutch car factory to send e-mail, for example.

The attack also hit the factory's production, sending employees from the company's production chains home.

VDL is still not making any statements about the nature of the cyber attack.

Everything is still under investigation, a spokesperson said.

Whether a report has been made and whether, for example, ransom is demanded by criminals, has not been disclosed.

The spokesperson explains that nothing will be known about this in the short term. It is also not known how great the damage is as a result of the halted production in Born, for example.

More than fifteen thousand employees work for VDL in nineteen countries.

The VDL companies are subdivided into four divisions: Supplies, Car Assembly, Buses and Finished Products.

The company had a turnover of 4.7 billion euros last year.