EA Sports wants to make sure FIFA players are less likely to lose control over their spending.

The company is considering taking more measures regarding loot boxes, the game developer reports in conversation with



Lootboxes in games have been criticized for some time as being a form of gambling.

People pay for virtual stuff of which it is only clear after payment what it is.



, people buy packages and find players in them, with which they can then play against others in their own team.

EA Sports has already taken measures by showing what is in FIFA loot boxes since June, but according to EA chief Chris Bruzzo there are talks about taking more steps.

For example, the company is thinking of parental controls and better informing players.

Removing loot boxes from FIFA completely is not an option, according to Bruzzo.

According to EA Sports, the measures are not necessary for the average player.

However, they are necessary for people who are addicted to FIFA and spend a lot of money on it.

There are no concrete plans yet, but according to Bruzzo, discussions are being held on the subject.

Loot boxes are prohibited in the Netherlands.

The Gaming Authority considers the game element surrounding the digital packages in FIFA to be gambling.