Often criticized for the pollution they generate, the GAFAs (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon) are increasingly trying to align themselves with the ecological concern which continues to grow.

Today, the waste dumped in the seas and oceans has led to a catastrophic and unprecedented situation.

With this in mind, Microsoft presented on September 22 one of its novelties: the Ocean Plastic Mouse, a mouse created from 20% of plastic waste recovered from seas, oceans and rivers.

These are then processed into granules and assembled with other materials.

An equally eco-friendly packaging

The company is taking another step towards protecting the environment because the packaging of this mouse does not contain additional plastic, it is made of cane sugar fibers and is fully recyclable.

This recycled mouse works with one AA battery and features Bluetooth 4.0.

Its price is $ 25 and its release is scheduled for October 5 in the United States.

So, greenwashing or real intention to change things?


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