The online gaming industry is worth several billion dollars and the numbers keep rising. This is an overwhelming phenomenon and more and more people are transferring their gaming skills and experiences online, which demands the industry to grow more, bring new things to the table, and a wide variety of games. There is an avalanche of new software creators and it has allowed such a great variety on the online gaming market that there is something for everyone. And not only that, but the competition is so high and tight that it actually sparked some great technological advances and improvements which we as players can really enjoy. 


Advances in AR and VR Technologies

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are two major trends in gaming. Many video games have received their version of virtual reality and many believe that this trend is the future of technology. There are even some casino games that have adopted this trend so that you can now play casino games online and feel as if you are in a real casino. 

These two technologies are what is driving the gambling industry and are available both for PCs and consoles, as well as online games. It went so far that you can today use VR headset to play games such as Pokemon Go and truly immerse yourself in the Pokemon world. AR and VR are imaginative and they can place you in any situation in games, including playing hockey in your kitchen or throwing in your chips from your couch. 

Improved Mobile Gaming

Just two decades ago, playing online games on our mobile phones was just a dream. We used phones for communication only or to play Snake (remember Nokia 3310?), but today we can do so much more with them. Smartphones are something no person can exist without, and that is what the online gaming industry recognized and used to its advantage. 

Today, we have so many different types of online games that we can play on our phones. The graphics are better, everything fits on the screen, and games are not lagging when played on mobile, which is truly amazing. What is more, with each year, mobile gaming becomes more and more perfect and diverse in games available. Besides downloading your regular games on phones and playing them, you can also engage in popular casino games or even sports betting. 

In fact, the online gambling industry readily jumped on this trend and many sites offer great places for online betting, like Gaming Innovation Group for example. Sportsbooks are mostly mobile-designed today, because they know that their users love entertainment through mobile phones. Plus, mobile gaming is constantly tweaked and improved, new features are constantly added and it is obvious that online gambling and gaming are on the rise and keep getting bigger. 

Cloud-Based Technology is Changing the Game

This is a true game-changer in the gaming industry. Just a few years ago, we had to download all the games to our devices and install them in order to play. Today, however, with cloud-based technology all of that can be skipped. When games are cloud-based you don’t have to download anything or install anything and you can simply log-in and play. This saves plenty of time and plenty of space on our devices. Plus, these games can easily be played on mobile devices too without requiring PCs or consoles for the games to start. 

Graphics and User Interface

What matters to players the most is the look, feel and overall gaming experience. If the game is not really user-friendly, gamers will instantly turn it off and leave the portal. That is why online gaming portals and mobile apps are working so hard to offer high-quality graphic interfaces that will engage the players into the game. Ease of accessibility and top-notch user-friendliness are the key factors in online gaming whether they are played on computers or mobile phones. Muted versions like the good old Snake game are not attractive anymore. Even 2D graphics have become cliched, and 3D technology is paving the way to some outstanding picture quality, visual effects, and an immersive experience. 

Improved Security 

Cybersecurity has become a major issue today, and people are either scared that their personal information will be stolen or they are not even aware of such things and end up scammed. That is why the online gaming industry has put additional effort to protect the players. Technology has brought us new methods of protecting our personal information from cyber fraud and hacking. In the future, we may even see things like fingerprint and facial recognition or other methods that will help players keep their information secure. 

It is obvious that technology is constantly developing and changing. However, that doesn’t refer to devices we use, but it also includes the gaming industry. Tech advancements have brought many great things to gaming and the entire experience and it is up to us, users and gamers, to enjoy those innovations.