We delivered an internal testimony that the severance pay of Hwacheon Daeyu employees was at least 500 million won, and the owner, Manbae Kim, also admitted this fact yesterday (27th). However, in the audit report of Hwacheon Daewoo, it is recorded that no such amount of severance pay has ever been paid.

Reporter Suwon-wook Suh covered the story.


Manbae Kim, owner of Hwacheon Daewoo, said this about the severance pay for employees before being investigated by the police.

[Kim Manbae/Owner of Hwacheon Daeyu: Our basic severance pay is set at around 500 million won.]

This is what a key Hwacheon Daewoo official told SBS reporter, “When the land price rises for the first time, the company pays its employees at least 500 million won in severance pay. It is in the same vein as the saying "I decided to give it to you."

However, looking at the audit report for six years since the establishment of Hwacheon Daeyu in 2015, the maximum annual severance pay was only 129 million won.

If you add up all the severance pay for six years, it is only 259 million won.

This situation does not match the claim that the severance pay for employees is 'at least 500 million won'.

However, Kwak Sang-do's son said, "All executives and employees have signed a performance-paying contract."

In the end, it is doubtful that hundreds of millions of won were handed over to employees in the name of performance or consolation payments through separate contracts, not severance pay.

[Kim Kyung-ryul/Accountant: It is speculated that the consistency of payment and the severance pay regulations are inconsistent.

Whether or not the company I wrote another account in addition to facing the past, given the amount of such retirement benefits account, I think that there is room to see doubt in tax ever.]

Around a political will is the situation growing increasingly also doubts about the proceeds of the this money, .

In the meantime, it was also confirmed that Rep. Kwak received 25 million won in personal donations, 5 million won each, from five people related to Hwacheon Daeyouna subsidiary between 2016 and 2019.

Rep. Kwak denied the cost, but it is pointed out that it is not normal for the lawmaker to receive money from his son's workplace.